Authentically prepared meat from the south.
With a passion for traditional cooking techniques and high-quality ingredients, we offer a culinary experience that captures the flavors and taste nuances in every bite.
How about we take a trip to the South
Rediscover the art of grilling and let yourself be seduced by our unique smoky flavor that turns every piece of meat into an unforgettable taste experience.
At D.P. Smokes, we prioritize top-notch meat quality. Every piece of meat is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of freshness, flavor, and tenderness.
Our cooking techniques at D.P. Smokes are inspired by traditional American grilling methods. The authenticity of flavors and spices gives each dish a distinctive American character.
The passion for the craft of grilling is palpable with us. From the selection process to preparation, every detail is handled with dedication to provide customers with an unforgettable culinary experience.
We offer a diverse selection of dishes that go beyond traditional meat dishes. From juicy steaks to tender ribs, the menu offers a wide range for different taste preferences.
Explore our delicious variety.
Dive into the world of flavor at D.P. Smokes and let our gallery of enticing dishes inspire you. From juicy burgers to tender BBQ ribs to crispy sides – here you'll find a selection of images that will make your mouth water. Each dish is prepared with love and passion to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience. Browse through our gallery and discover what makes D.P. Smokes so special!
Housemade Ribs
Our Bestseller
Pulled Pork
Made with Love
Burger 150g
Juicy, fatty, delicious
Side dish that fits to everything
cheese, onion, eggs, bacon, Jalapenos
€1,00 each
Where Christianity meets delicious meat.
We not only believe in high-quality BBQ, but also in the power of prayer and Christian values.
Inspired by Matthew 25:35, we are committed to feeding the hungry and helping those in need. Through our actions, we aim not only to provide good food but also to express love and support for our community. Join our family and experience the joy of eating and charity together with us.
For us, it's not just about the perfect BBQ experience, but also about strengthening our customers and the community. That's why we also support local charity projects and advocate for those in need. Our goal is not only to provide nourishing meals but also to spread hope and joy.
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